Sling tagging and identification has long been a problem within the industry. Either they were made designed for chain slings and then simply attached to also other sling types, or they were skimpy and small, or stamped in a way that users had a hard time reading the tag to begin with. Some companies started to attach a paper or tyvac tag wrapped around the wire rope sling body fastened with an office stapler. You can imagine how long such tags lasted in service.

Unirope went through the expense to develop a sling tagging system which lasts. The aluminum tags are made from super sturdy 1/8" thick aluminum plate; in the case of our chain tags two of them are riveted together to form a 1/4" thick sturdy tag with a pull-off strength exceeding 2,000 lbs. All information is deep etched and/or deep impression stamped into the tag. For most chain- and wire rope sizes the capacity information is already etched in with large legible numbers so users can actually read the tag from about 6 ft away. That in itself is a huge step forward in plant and construction site safety.

Same applies to our synthetic tags which are either made from natural/man made leather or from a thick vinyl cloth sheet.

Remember: Sling Safety starts with that the user KNOWS and is able to IDENTIFY the sling capacity.

The following sling types are tagged FREE OF CHARGE with the ALUMINUM tag system:
• Uni-Loc® Wire Rope Bridle Slings (2-, 3-, 4- leg slings) regardless of rope construction and type;
• All Rigger’s Choice® and other Chain Slings;
• Gripper® Wire Mesh Slings;
• Gator Flex® Slings.

Type side with stamped chain characteristics and type as well as next Inspection Date or Date of Manufacturing. Capacity side with etched in WWL’s for various load angles and imbedded FIELDID tag.

Attachment of FIELDID Tags

This system allows us and our customers to:
– Perform inspections and print inspection certificates on demand;
– Allows our customers to view and print their inspection certificates through their web browser;
– Have instantly available documents such as safety- inspection-, and product information;
– Record rigging product repair and re-certifications made by Unirope;
– Have a record of your entire sling inventory sorted by type, location within your plant, past- and next required safety inspection;
– Move- and record sling locations around your plant;
– Share inspection- and test certificate records with government auditing bodies;
– Make better decissions about your sling’s performance by analyzing maintenance data;
– Can be retrofitted to any existing sling product.

Installation and attachment of FIELDID- and serial number / year of production / inspection date tag.

Aluminum Tag System

For a small fee the following slings can the tagged with the Aluminum Tag System:

• Single Leg Slings
• Tri-Flex® Slings
• Cable Laid Slings

Synthetic Slings

Synthetic slings do not lend themselves to be tagged with metal- or aluminum tags.

For these slings we have created a sturdy natural leather/man-made leather/vinyl/tyvac tag combination:
• Twin-Path® Slings are tagged with a natural leather/red vinyl flag/tyvac tag combination;
• Uni-Web® Edge Tech Slings are tagged with a black/orange letter/tyvac tag combination.

Please note that these tags also bear LARGE scale characters and numbers which can be read from at least a 5 ft distance.

All our web-slings are tagged with imperial (lbs) and metric (kgs) load ratings.

Edge-Tech® Slings come equipped with our most sturdy and long lasting branded leather tag as well as official WSTDA Warnings. Eye & Eye Slings have an additional instruction tag to inform about maximum eye openings.

These leather tags can be made with your company logo (additional charges apply).

Eye opening warning label informs the user about the maximum object (hook, pin, etc.) the web sling eye (or loop) can accomodate.

Uni-Web® Polyester Web Slings are tagged with an orange plastic tag and official WSTDA Warnings. Eye & Eye slings have an additional instruction tag to inform about maximum eye openings.

These plastic tags can be printed with your company name and logo AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

vinyl tag system

In addition we have developed a vinyl tag system. For the most popular sling- and tie-down sizes we have pre-printed tags with large legible capacity information and important safety precautions. The wire rope sling tags are spliced into the sling eye and can not “ride” onto the sling body; they will remain in the protected “crotch” area of the sling loop.

The following sling types are tagged FREE OF CHARGE with the VINYL tag system:
• Uni-Loc® Single Leg Wire Rope Slings incl. our Econoline products;
• Tri-Flex® Slings;
• Cable laid Slings;
• Uni-Web® Econoline Sling types;
• Uni-Path® Roundslings.