Rope Characteristics

Aracom T is a double braid of polyester over a Technora Aramid braided core. Technora is stronger and lasts longer than Kevlar. Aracom T maintains a high degree of flexibility and is easily spliced.

Index #2 Specification No. YCI-AT-051

Nominal Diam. Inches Decimal Diam. Weight Pounds per 100 ft. Average Break Strength Pounds
3/8 0.385 4.9 14,000
7/16 0.441 6.8 17,500
1/2 0.527 8.0 23,500
9/16 0.600 10.8 27,500
5/8 0.660 13.1 34,000
3/4 0.806 19.1 39,000
7/8 0.905 26.0 61,000
1 1.030 34.0 80,000
1-1/8 1.125 45.0 95,000
1-1/4 1.260 51.0 108,000
Splicing Aracom Braids
  Miniline TD Splice FOP Splice Single Braid
Aracom FOP * *
Aracom T * *
Aracom 100 * *

Elastic Elongation

Aramid Ropes
Yale produces a wide variety of products based on Aramid Fiber. Pound for pound, this high strength synthetic fiber has more strength than steel, with the lowest stretch possible in synthetic fiber. The following products illustrate Yale’s capabilities in Aramid lines. We have included a strength to weight ratio index number to aid you in evaluating the various products. In general, the higher the index number, the more Aramid the product contains.

Abrasion Protection 
Internal All of Yale’s Kevlar ropes are treated with molten high pressure Aralube™ prior to entering our twisting equipment. Lab and field experience has shown that this added internal permanent lubrication (non-soluble) treatment leads to an extended wear life (as much as four times). It also minimizes filament breakage while maximizing yarn tension control as the fiber is processed into rope.
External Maxijacket™ is a spliceable urethane solution that is coated onto the finished rope. It increases abrasion life, firms the line, provides colour identification, and helps keep foreign matter out of the rope.