Rope Characteristics

Static rappelling Kernmaster line constructed with a traditional “mantle” sleeve consisting of 48 strands of polyester. The inside or “kern” is a braided core of energy absorbing nylon.

The core is fully steam stabilized to enhance the rope’s flexibility and prevent hardening in service; the braid also bends more easily and with less fatiguing of the core when cycled over sheaves or dropped over a parapet. Sleeve is either white or solution cast fiber (colour added prior to yarn production), which makes for lasting colours and enhanced wear resistance.

Diam. Inches Knotted Break Strength Pounds Average Break Strength Pounds Weight Pounds per 100 ft.
7/16 4,600 7,100 5.5
1/2 5,700 10,500 7.6
5/8 7,800 13,800 11.4