Torpedo Style Mobile Crane Button for
non-rotating wire rope.

Load Bearing and Load Rated.

Each button is type tested to destruction and proof tested AFTER installation onto the rope to 40% of the rope’s Minimum Breaking Strength. The button is permanently stamped with a unique serial number. A Test Certificate is issued for each button installed.

All buttons for 16 mm rope and up and are supplied with a hoisting eye.

And now the answer to your next question: YES, we will install such buttons onto ‘other’ ropes not supplied or manufactured by us. In the case of SWAGED type installation we have to repeat our type testing procedure which includes a breaking strength verification test of the actual rope onto which the button is to be installed. Ask for our quote and availability of production capacity. We reserve the right to refuse such orders at any time.

Uni-Loc® Swaged Style

Uni-Loc® Spelter Style

Uni-Loc® Spelter Style buttons come complete with an installation kit and basic instructions. DO NOT install this spelter button socket unless you are properly trained and authorized. This Installation Kit does NOT replace proper training. This is a ‘spelter type’ which can be installed in the field. However, proof testing after installation is recommended.
Instead of sending the crane,
you have the option to just send us the drum.
Typcial installation into a pocket pouch.

Spelter Buttons

These Crosby Buttons are designed for use with mobile cranes and can be used with high performance Python® non-rotating rope types. Sockets and buttons are re-useable. Installation is done with WireLock.

And NO, we don’t suggest you do this yourself unless you are trained and qualified.

Buttons installed by Unirope at our plants are proof loaded to 50% of rope’s Minimum Breaking Strength. Test Certificate is issued for each button.

Important Note: The customer is responsible to verify that the dimensions shown in the table below fit his mobile crane. Unirope Limited does NOT assume responsibilty if this Spelter Socket does not fit your crane.

Nom. Python® non-rotating rope dia. Swaged and Spelter Torpedo style Button Length inch (approx.)
13 3-5/8
14 3-5/8
15 3-5/8
16 4-3/16
17 4-3/16
18 4-3/16
19 4-7/8
20 4-7/8
21 4-7/8
22 4-7/8
23 6
24 6
25 6
26 6
27 6-7/8
28 6-7/8
29 6-7/8
30 7-3/8
31 7-3/8
32 7-3/8