SCOTT ANTHONY, Rigging Consultant
GEORDY CIVIERO, Rigging Consultant
SHAWN GLOFCHESKIE, Rigging Consultant
ALEX CRITELLI, Rigging Consultant
PIERRE BARIBEAULT, Rigging Consultant
DAVID HOOPER, Regional Sales Manager, Quebec
MICHAEL THUN, Customer Service
DAVE ESKRA, Western Canada Sales Manager
Mississauga Office:    


Rigging Consultant

Scott is one of the very few employees at Unirope who is a true native to the city of Mississauga. He grew up just a few blocks from our Mississauga branch, and he remembered well the fields and orchards along Dundas Street and Burnhamthorpe Road. During his apprenticeship as a boilermaker, Scott was involved in the construction of many of Ontario’s larger industrial sites, one of which was the Bruce B units of the Bruce Nuclear generating Station.

Scott completed his Bachelor of Art at York University in Toronto. His background includes extensive experience with rigging hardware, chain, and other lifting products.

Scott is accredited by the NCCCO [National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators] as a “Certified Rigger”; Certification #100756725.

Scott is married with 2 kids but still finds time to enjoy his hobby as a gourmet cook. If you ever need a tip for a great recipe, here is your source.



Rigging Consultant

Geordy started with us as a field rigging inspector with our mobile testing and repair team. In this position, he obtained a huge variety of rigging and application knowledge which he is now using to consult mainly with the construction industry. Geordy is a NCCCO “Certified Rigger” and is qualified to inspect and evaluate all types of rigging equipment (Certificate #100756726).

Geordy lives in Guelph, Ontario and is married to Jackie. They have a young daughter by the name of Aubrey. Geordy is an avid fisherman, and in his spare time you may find him on the water, either canoeing, swimming or in search of the “Big One” that got away.



Rigging Consultant

Shawn is one of our Rigging Consultants advising customers on the selection, applications, and servicing of wire rope and rigging equipment.

Before moving into his current role, Shawn spent the last 6 years as the assistant to our Field Service Group Manager. Shawn comes with in-depth knowledge of all rigging related inspection criteria and procedures. As a long term Unirope employee, Shawn had extensively been trained and has achieved NCCCO Certification [National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators] as “Certified Rigger”; Certification #100756731.

Shawn is married and loves to spend as much time as he can with his wife and son. But, as a real Canadian, he also plays hockey and his guitar.



Rigging Consultant

Alex works in our outside sales and service department. His tasks include advising customers on rigging and rope related issues making sure that they get the right parts, on time and to their 100% satisfaction. Alex’s professional background includes the IT world and managing related service and training departments.

Alex holds a Level II NCCCO Certification; Certification #1507115593.

He lives in Oakville with his three children. He is an avid car enthusiast and loves F1 racing.

Montreal Distribution Centre:    


Rigging Consultant

Pierre is one of our Rigging Consultants in Quebec. His specific expertise is to work with and solve problems in the more ‘sophisticated’ manufacturing sector, involving aircraft- and component companies. But, that will not prevent him to also lend his expertise to anyone who needs a guiding professional “Rigging Hand”.

In 2009, Pierre completed the SlingMax® “Train-the-Trainer Rigging Course”. In 2011, he achieved accreditation by the NCCCO [National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators] as a “Certified Rigger”; Certification #111169390. As with all our Quebec staff members, he is fully bilingual.

Pierre’s past time passion is hunting and target shooting. Hemarried to Suzanne and they have one son.



Regional Sales Manager, Quebec

David is our Regional Sales Manager and a NCCCO Certified Rigging Level II Consultant. He services our technical and application-oriented customers in Quebec. David came from the synthetic fiber manufacturing industry with focus on total customer satisfaction; if you have contact with Dave you know what this is about. David is a certified wire rope specialist, and he has completed Twin-Path® slings application training.

In his pastime, David’s passion is going to cottage country whenever he can with his wife and son. For them, there is no better way to spend a weekend than enjoying the sunshine by the lake in the summer or skiing in the winter. David plays chess a couple of times a week.



Rigging consultant

Michael joined our Montreal branch in December 2017. His experience in sales and customer service helped him become an integral part of our team. Michael is accredited by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) as a “Certified Rigger”; Rigger Level I – Certification #1802155328.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, winemaking, curling & playing with his kids!

Edmonton Distribution Centre:    


Western Canada Sales Manager

Dave has been with Unirope for more than two decades. His background is that of an application specialist for wire rope and slings but also for all of our synthetic product lines. Dave grew up in Saskatchewan, started in this industry in 1977, later worked for Wrights Canadian Ropes, before moving to Ontario in 1990.

Dave is our Key Account Manager for the construction, heavy equipment and mining industry in Western Canada.

Dave lives in Edmonton, and is accredited by the NCCCO [National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators] as a “Certified Rigger”; Certification #100756729.