Centre of Gravity Display

The DLM Centre of Gravity display is designed to work with all types of Load Cells and it can accept the inputs from up to 8 cabled or wireless Load Cells as standard. Customization for more inputs is available.

The display can measure the centre of gravity of objects varying in size by inputting the Load Cell locations, or automatically when weighing items of fixed sizes, i.e. shipping containers. The display shows the location and individual load of each Load Cell, the total load and CoG position with co-ordinates. The display can then log the load values and CoG information onto internal memory which can be accessed at a later date.

Key Features:

  • Centre of Gravity measurement
  • Data logging
  • Easily retrofit to existing port vehicles
  • Remote access
  • Customizable display and functions


  • Container weighing
  • Weighing large structures
  • Pallet weighing
  • Train/vehicle weighing
Part Number: Stainless Steel enclosure 0001-1234 / Peli enclosure 0001-1235 / Polyglass enclosure 0001-1236
Enclosure options Rugged Peli case IP67 / Polyglass Enclosure with viewing window IP66 / Stainless steel Enclosure IP66
Display options HMI Display
Power options 95-240VAC mains or 24VDC / internal Rechargeable battery pack / Mais with backup battery
Sensor input options Load Cell (mV) / Analogue (4-20mA/ 0-10V) / serial (RS232/ RS485)
Example Display units Load (Tonnes, Kg, Lbs, kN, etc) as required / CoG co-ordinates (m, cm, ft etc)
Retransmission / Comm’s Options Wireless to another display or data centre / RS232 or RS485 / 4-20mA / 0 – 10V / Ethernet networking capability / Remote viewing via modern and web brower / Remote connection via 3G/GPRS (SIM card required) / Alarm releys
Hardware additions Audible Alarms / Light beacons / Protocol conversion, communicate easily between many different PLC’s / Internal Datalogging with access to logs through web browser and real time viewing. Removable CF card / Network switches
Software additions Data logging software / real time PC viewer