Single Braid

This construction leaves a void in the center and utilizes strand counts of 8, 12 or 16. The hollow is instrumental in making it easy to splice. Hollow braids are nonrotating and are an extremely efficient way to utilize fiber.

Double Braid

This is really two separate ropes in one: the core, which is a single braid, is overbraided with a sleeve. This construction allows the rope to be used for more applications; the same or dissimilar fibers can be engineered into a rope suited for many specific applications. This construction entirely shields one of the two elements in the rope from abrasion.

Parallel Core

This construction consists of a core of parallel yarns that are held together by a wide variety of different means from extrusion to braiding. Due to their low twist level, these linear cables achieve the highest fiber-strength efficiency.


Eight-strand “Square Braid” is comprised of eight individual strands, which are woven together as four pairs. Its major advantages are nonrotation and high energy absorption.