• Mesh is made from 302 Stainless steel
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Cross Rods WELDED to Spirals
  • Each sling comes Proof Tested to 2 x WLL
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 550˚F
  • Slings comply with ASME B30.9-3

Type 1 TC, for Choker and Basket

Type 2 TT, for Basket Hitches

Each Sling comes with a durable marked tag and a steel cable secured Serial Number and Year of last Inspection and Proof Test Certification. Each sling is entered into Unirope’s FIELDID Asset Management System for you to access at any time.

Heavy Duty 302 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, made super strong with cross rods WELDED to spirals.

Choker Baskets

Working Load Limit lbs (Design Factor 5:1)
Product Code for Type 1 Product Code for Type 2 Sling Width D
Choker (1) 90° Basket 60° 45° 30°
WMS-UR-02-C WMS-UR-02-B 2 2.00 2,300 4,600 3,990 3,250 2,300
WMS-UR-03-C WMS-UR-03-B 3 2.50 3,500 7,000 6,050 4,950 3,500
WMS-UR-04-C WMS-UR-04-B 4 3.00 4,800 9,600 8,300 6,750 4,800
WMS-UR-06-C WMS-UR-06-B 6 3.50 7,200 14,400 12,250 10,180 7,200
WMS-UR-08-C WMS-UR-08-B 8 4.50 9,600 19,200 16,650 13,570 9,600
WMS-UR-10-C WMS-UR-10-B 10 4.75 12,000 24,000 20,800 16,970 12,000
WMS-UR-12-C WMS-UR-12-B 12 5.00 14,400 28,000 24,250 19,800 14,400

(1) Applies to Type 1 slings ONLY.
ALL slings are proof tested and certified before shipping to twice the rated capacity (2 x WLL).
Thickness of the fittings is 1/2 for all sizes, are made from alloy steel and are powder coated.

Unirope® Wire Mesh Sling Inspection Criteria (based on ASME B30.9-3)

Broken wires in any part of the mesh.

Worn/abraided spirals and spiral-to-fitting interaction.

Distortion of the fittings.

Lack of flexibility and distortion of the mesh.

A metal mesh sling shall be removed from service if any of the following conditions are present:

  1. missing or illegible sling identification (see B30.9 Section 9-3.7).
  2. broken weld or a broken brazed joint along the sling edge.
  3. broken wire in any part of the mesh.
  4. reduction in wire diameter of 25% due to abrasion or 15% due to corrosion.
  5. lack of flexibility due to distortion of the mesh.
  6. distortion of the choker fitting so the depth of the slot is increased by more than 10%.
  7. distortion of either end fitting so the width of the eye opening is decreased by more than 10%.
  8. a 15% reduction of the original cross-sectional area of any point around the hook opening of the end fitting.
  9. visible distortion of either end fitting out of its plane.
  10. cracked end fitting.
  11. slings in which the spirals are locked or without free articulation shall not be used.
  12. fittings that are pitted, corroded, cracked, bent, twisted, gouged, or broken.
  13. other conditions, including visible damage, that cause doubt as to the continued use of the sling.

For sling inspection, re-certification and proof testing call Unirope®