PSA-Starpoint PSA-VRS-M20


Lifting point to be used as an anchor point for personal protective equipment (acc. to DIN EN 795), certified by the German BG BAU ( Employer's insurance association of the building industry).

Star-shaped, distinctive variety to DIN 580 eye bolt.

Colour: remarkable yellow powder coating.

Marking: acc. to DIN EN 365 including statement for the number of load bearing persons (2 persons).

The VRS-PSA is not supposed to be used permanently outdoor. For this application we recommend the PSA-INOX-Star.

Forged material 1.6541, high-tensile quenched and tempered, 100% electromagnetic crack inspected (according to En 1677-1).

Safety factor: 4

Bolt in material quality should be at least 1.0037 (ST37).

In light metal, non-ferrous heavy metal, grey cast iron, concrete, wood, and stone, the determination of the thread must be chosen in such a way that the thread working load complies with the base material (please observe the data of the plug manufacturer).

Blind holes must be drilled deep enough to make sure that the bearing surface sits properly.

Screw down the PSA-INOX-Star without any additional washer into the base material, until the bearing surface of the hexagon socket screw sits close to the bolt-on surface.

If the PSA-INOX-STAR is supposed to be fixed permanent at the load accepting point, please tighten the hexagon socket screw of the PSA with a torque of 115 nm.

Sinking of the threaded hole should have the diameter of the nominal thread.

During usage please control that the hexagon socket screw is tightened.

If shock load, turning or vibration occurs, especially in steel when through-hole fixing with nut is used, an unintentional loosening can happen.

Securing method: liquid thread locking, for example Loctite (please pay attention to the manufacturer's instruction).

PSA-INOX-STAR must be able to be turned by 360° when screw is tightened.

Component is protected by Patent: GM9402014
GM 9316475 additional patents are applied.

For installation without a tool the PSA-Starpoint can be ordered with a quenched and tempered star-profile Allen key.

Very simple: engage star profile Allen key into the hexagon (tightening and loosening by hand is possible), then unlatch.
Done: PSA-VRS can be turned!

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