ADRIENNE WEBSTER, Purchasing/Inventory Control
KIMBERLY IMHOFF, Marketing/Internal ISO Auditor
CECIL DAMASO, Field ID Software- and IT Support
GERALDINE SICO, Customer Support
MARISA LEGOVICH, Finance Support
BRUCE VEAUDRY, Inside Sales and Production Manager
JUSTIN BROWN, Product Manager, Python® Wire Rope
GORD EDWARDSON, Inspection and Re-Certification Service Manager
THOMAS MICHNO, Customer Support
JAMES MICALLEF, Customer Service and IT Manager
MIKE JAGIELSKI, Customer Service
ALEX CRITELLI, Customer Service
SCOTT FLEMING, Sales- and Rigging Training Manager
KNUT BUSCHMANN, President & General Manager
MICHEL MATHIEU, Office Manager, Montreal Branch
RICHARD CHEVRIER, Customer Service
KEVIN CESPEDES, Customer Service
KRISTA EYMUNDSON, Customer Service
Mississauga Office:    


Purchasing/Inventory Control

Adrienne has the sometimes tedious task of managing our inventory system making sure that inventory levels are correct and up to date. Also, she manages our purchasing system making sure our suppliers ship their goods on time at the correct cost.

Adrienne’s background is in commercial work apparel business; so if you ever wonder where we got our nice Unirope shirts and jackets, here is the answer.



Marketing/Internal ISO Auditor

Kim coordinates all of our marketing activities which includes setting up “Rigger’s Mortis“ training seminars. She is the background force behind our outside Rigging Consultants and makes sure every one has the most up-to-date technical and commercial product information on hand. Her other task is to implement and monitor our ISO 9001 Quality System in all departments in all branches.

Originally from Nipigon, Kim, together with her little dog Winston, has now settled down in “Metropolis” Mississauga.



Field ID Software- and IT Support

Cecil’s role is to support our extensive Unirope field ID database users and as such is the information resource for customers’ questions and inquiries of how use our Field-ID dabase system. She also manages all of the electronic information exchanges with our JIT manufacturing customers on forecasts and horizon events. Cecil imigrated from Manila, Phillippines and brings with her a BSc in Business Administration with a Major in Management.

Cecil adds to the diversity of our mix of employees and represents the new Canadian generation of business professionals. She has great interest in music, theatre and arts.




Heather looks after our Logistics and is the first person our customers say ‘hello’ to when they pick up their rigging.

Her first job at Unirope was to answer the phone and enter all sales orders into our business system. Very quickly she became familiar with the products and became interested what they actually are. Heather is a curious person which led her to excell and to complete our “Rigger’s Mortis” Training Program. Today she looks after our Logistics.

Heather’s challenge at home is that she has a puppy that thinks he can fly which does not always fit her passion to browse her extensive mysteries book collection. Plus, she now learned to crochet and hopes to have all of Unirope oufitted in matching hats.



Customer Support

Geraldine is the “background” staff who makes sure that your orders, and most importantly, your invoices are properly processed. Plus, of course, if you call us there is a great chance that Geraldine is the first person you actually talk to. Other duties include supporting our outside sales staff and being a communication interface between our customers and the “rest” of us.

Geraldine, originally from the Philippines, holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree. She enjoys cooking, music, gardening and being mom to her 6-year-old daughter. Most weekends, she’s out partying… providing DJ music & lights services, that is, as a side hobby with her husband.



Finance Support

Marisa started at Unirope as “background” staff who made sure that your orders and invoices were properly processed. Today, Marisa is responsible for all customer trade accounts ensuring accurate and timely updates. Marisa also became the assistant of our Director, Thomas Critelli.

Marisa is married to Gerry and has two young daughters named Emma and Alanna who keep her super busy; but she loves it (most days). She daydreams about photography, gardening, cycling and travelling. In fact, you could put her on a plane and point it in any direction and she wouldn’t complain one iota about its destination.



Inside Sales and Production Manager

Bruce strated with Unirope in 1975 as a splicer in the wire rope department. The rest, as it is said, is history. In 1987 he became the foreman for the wire rope department, in 1989 he migrated into sales and customer service, in 2000 he became the Plant- and Production Manager of Unirope Limited, and in January of 2003 he also assumed the responsibilities as the Inside Sales Manager of Unirope Limited.

In addition Bruce is the resource person for all technical wire rope production questions and advises customers on wire rope application and use. Bruce and his wife live in Mississauga. When not at Unirope he enjoys sports and attending Nascar races.



Product Manager, Python® Wire Rope

Justin is originally from Newfoundland, adding another piece of culture to Unirope’s already diverse mix of employees. Over the years with Unirope Justin has gained a rich experience with wire rope and is responsible for all Wire Rope Inspection Reports. In his position as our Product Manager, Wire Rope, he is also the Technical Resource for our customers and internal staff alike.

Justin is a graduate of the Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Commerce. His open mind and easy-going nature make him a customer favorite.

As Justin puts it: I enjoy life, nice girls, and good food. At times the sequence of that might change in an instant. Also, he was named “Wire Rope Ninja of the Year”. If you don’t believe me, just roll your mouse over his picture.



Inspection and Re-Certification Service Manager

Gord has learned this industry from the “ground up”. After having worked in the construction industry he became a splicer and rigger fabrication wire rope slings and products made from wire rope. Well, he must have done something right as he first became the supervisor and then the shop foreman. Because of his extensive knowledge of the ‘details’ in our industry he now is our Service Manager for all rigging- and sling related repairs and re-certifications. Gord coordinates between our Field Inspection Group and our inside inspection and proof testing department. Gord is one of the first Canadians who was certified by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) as a certified rigging professional (Certification #100756727).

Gord (married with 2 children) is an outdoor enthusiast and goes camping at every opportunity he has. On the other side, he and his wife like to visit Las Vegas, mainly because of its beauty and relaxing atmosphere.



Customer Support

Thomas is a 100% “homegrown” staff member by Unirope. Back in 2004 he joined us as a splicer in the wirerope sling fabrication department where he got training in all aspects of wirerope sling production methods. He then moved in to our Shipping/Receiving department where he was instrumental in introducing and setting up of our automated computerized shipping tag printing. To this day he is our resident “label expert”.

In 2009 he took the plunge and accepted our promotion to join us as a staff member in the Inside Sales Department. His rich experience and practical knowledge he gained on the ‘shopfloor’ is a great asset for our customers who need some real practical product advice. So, it comes to no surprise that Thomas is accredited by the NCCCO [National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators] as a “Certified Rigger”; Certification #111169395.

In his spare time he rides mountainbikes until the “frame gives way”.



Customer Service and IT Manager

James is one of our “homegrown” rigging specialists who started in our Mississauga shipping department and moved up into an inside sales consultancy role. As many of us wear multiple hats all the time James is no exception as he also looks after our IT requirements and polishes and adjusts all of our electronic communication stuff.

But he also became an NCCCO Certified Rigger to make sure our customers get the best advice and service possible (Certification #111169396). James comes from the island of Malta and holds a degree in Computer Science.

In his pastime he likes to travel, play the odd video game, watch movies and keep up with the latest tech trends.



Customer Service

Mike works in our inside sales Department advising customers on the right choices of rope and rigging products. He is a dedicated to details to make sure the products are 100% what the customer requires. Sometimes one more question solves a lot of future problems.

Mike regularly travels to NASCAR races, (still) is a hardcore Maple Leafs fan, and tinkers with and repairs cars when times permits.



Customer Service

Alex works in our inside sales and service department. His tasks includes advising customers on rigging and rope related issues making sure that they get the right parts, on time and to their 100% satisfaction. Alex’s professional background includes the IT world and managing related service and training departments.

He lives in Oakville with his wife and three children. When not playing chauffeur to the kids he is an avid car enthusiast and loves F1 racing.



Sales- and Rigging Training Manager

Scott’s mission is to train all of us to become a true “Rigging Professional”, regardless if we want it or not ! Just kidd’n . Scott has developed the original “Rigger’s Mortis” Rigging Training Program to comply with our Canadian Standards and Health and Safety Regulations.

You will be surprised to learn how much you did NOT know about rigging and rigging products. Scott is also available to consult with our customers on specific rigging solutions or to develop special rigging procedures to meet a customers specific manufacturing environment. Scott is one of the first Canadians who was certified by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) as a certified rigging professional (Certification #100756730).

Scott is the current President of the ACRP, Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals (http://www.acrp.net/). He also serves on the WSDTA (Web Sling & Tie Down Association) Board of Directors as well as on their Technical Committee.

He is married to Trudy, lives in Milton, and collects and restores Pin Ball machines. However, he is also a member of the “UR-MCC” that is our Unirope Motorcycle Club.




Thomas is responsible for all aspects of the finances of Unirope Limited. He is the guy who watches over the “cookie jar” so that no one is caught with their fingers in it. As a Director of Unirope he is part of our Management Team and as such is actively involved in all aspects of our corporate decision process.

Thomas, his wife Lisette and daughter Rylee live in Toronto. If time permits Thomas likes to play hockey.



President & General Manager

A native from Germany, Knut joined Unirope in 1989. His educational background includes commercial banking and mechanical engineering, a combination he sometimes jokes about. Knut is associated with the wire rope- and rigging industry for over 40 years now; much of that time he was involved with marine rigging and heavy lift cargo gear.

He is a member of the Cordage Institute’s Board of Directors and their Technical Committee, the AWRF Technical Committee, the AISE, the MTS – Marine Technology Society, served on CSA and OHSA Standards Committees, is Past President of the AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators) and is a member of the Management Board of the European Scientific Organization OIPEEC (International Organization for the Study of the Endurance of Rope). Aside from that he is also the chairman of the AWRF Sub-Committee “Testing Procedures” which develops “Recommended Practices and Guidelines” for our industry. As of 2011 he also holds a seat on the ASME B30.30 Committee, which is responsible for the development of a Safety Standard for Wire- and Fiber ropes.

Knut and his wife Gerda live in Port Credit, Mississauga. They both love sailing their boat on Lake Ontario and if time permits he is also a member of the “UR-MCC” that is our Unirope Motorcycle Club.

Montreal Distribution Centre:    


Office Manager, Montreal Branch

Michel is our Branch Office Manager and a member of our inside sales- and product adviser team in Montreal. He brings over 15 years experience in the rigging-, chain-, and wire rope industry with him. Michel has a reputation of having solid rigging inspection experience from which our customers can greatly benefit.

Of course, Michel is accredited by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) as a “Certified Rigger”; Certification #111169392. As with all our Quebec staff members he is fully bilingual.

Michel owns a small motorcycle and his passion is motor racing, camping and outdoor sports.



Customer Service

Richard works in our Montreal Branch as an Inside Sales Consultant. He joined us in 2012 and quickly became an integral part of our service team. Richard went through extensive technical and application training, involving wire rope, lifting slings, and rigging hardware. Richard’s mission is to put customer satisfaction and service to a higher level, and he is having great success with that!

In the summer Richard is an avid camper, enjoys the outdoors and loves to play pick-up hockey with the kids.



Customer Service

Kevin started working in our shipping and production department and has learned our products from the ‘ground up’. After 3 years in production, he moved into a customer service position where he is now able to use his hands-on skills. His specialty expertise is with Inspection, Testing, Repair and FieldID.

He has known and been with his wife for 10 years and is married since July 2012. He likes to go out to restaurants and to the movies (they are movie addicts). He loves to play video games. Every year he plays for 24 hours straight and broadcasts at the same time for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals on behalf of Extra Life (he receives donations that directly support the Montreal Children’s Hospital).

Edmonton Distribution Centre:    


Customer Service

Krista joined us in the middle of 2011 for some urgently needed secretarial help but very quickly was infected by the Unirope “wire rope bug”. Before we all knew it Krista was taking an active sales role and consequently became a team member of our Inside Service Group in Edmonton. Krista continued to be interested in “how’s it done” and got training in how to splice wire rope and how to operate our rope swaging equipment. Not only that, she enrolled in Unirope’s push for higher “Rigging Education” and successfully completed the “Rigging Institute Training Program” which rewarded her to be one of the few women who are now a certified RIGGER (RIG I) by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators). Krista’s role evolved and she consequently became our Edmonton Production Coordinator.

Krista enjoys life, as she puts it, and enjoys spending her free time going on tropical vacations. Krista has a daughter and also works from home doing aesthetics.