The TU and T-500 series of TIRFOR® lifting and pulling machines are safe, reliable and efficient. Suitable for many applications. TIRFOR® machines are lever operated hoists using a separate wire rope. One-man operated, using a telescopic handle, they work in any position and over any height of lift. They can replace conventional winches and other hoists for many applications.
Positioning of steel
structures and frames
Moving and installation
of transformers
Moving and
positioning formwork
Roadwork and
Clean Up
Accidents and
T 500 Series (light duty) TU Series (heavy duty) Wire Rope Snatch Blocks TIRVIT Wire Rope Tensioner

T 500 Series

Light and compact, the TIRFOR® T-500 machines are easy to handle,
provide a high mechanical advantage and are economical.

Model Capacity for
material handling
Capacity for
material handling
Weight lbs
T-508 2000 800 14.3
T-516 4000 1600 30.0
T-532 8000 3200 51.0

TU Series

TIRFOR® TU machines are in daily operation on construction sites around the world putting power where it is needed for lifting, pulling and handling a wide variety of loads.

Only the TU models are UL classified for manriding. Please refer to your local safety regulations.

Model Lifting
for man
riding lbs
Capacity kg
for man
riding kg
TU-17 2000 1500 800 600 18.5
TU-28 4000 3000 1600 1200 41.0
TU-32 8000 6000 3200 2400 59.5
Wire Rope

Special manufactured 4-strand wire rope provides the required stability to properly function with TIRFOR® machines. Each wire rope comes with a welded and pointed end. End attachments (hooks, links, shackles etc.) are attached according to your request. Wooden reels are provided for length above 80 ft at no extra charge (wire spool shown not included in price).

For Model Wire Rope
Wire Rope
dia. mm
rope end
is standard
Specifiy if
Thimble is
If Hook is
we attach:
TU-17 2000 1500 800 600 18.5
TU-28 4000 3000 1600 1200 41.0
TU-32 8000 6000 3200 2400 59.5

Snatch Blocks

Increase the capacity of your TIRFOR® hoist by reeving the rope through sheave blocks. Capacities shown are the total permissible load onto the block fitting.

Bronze bushed, painted blue.

For Model Wire Rope
dia. mm
Block Capacity
dia. inch
T-508 &
8.3 4000 3
T-516 &
11.5 8000 4-1/2
T-532 &
16.3 16000 6

TIRVIT Wire Rope Tensioner

For pulling and tensioning applications. Tensions wire rope to span between posts and finish with clips. TIRVIT® attaches at any point onto the wire rope. The lever action is similar to that of a TIRFOR® hoist plus you can take it off the rope without having the entire rope length fed through it. This is a neat little gizmo – most riggers don’t even know it exists. Stops the hassle of getting a rope tight between posts.

Model For Wire Rope
diameter inch
Pulling force
F2 – STD 3/32 – 5/16 900
F3 – STD 5/16 – 9/16 1300
F4 – STD 9/16 – 11/16 1750