We make

PYTHON® Wire Rope

High performance ropes for the most demanding hoisting and lifting operations.

Made in Germany.

Increased strength, durability,
and life time.

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We Make


for the Canadian industry at our plants in Ontario and Quebec.

Easy Inspection EWI System. Strongest and lightest slings with thick and abrasion resistant covers.

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Rigging Hardware

RUD Lifting & Fall Protection Anchorage Points

RUD sling and lashing systems guarantee safety when lifting and moving loads. Over 340 different innovative tested lifting/lashing points (welded or bolted).

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Featured Product

Clamps & Magnets

Unirope distributes 3 major lifting clamp brands but others are also available. The most important info for our customers is that we DO service, inspect, repair and TEST lifting clamps, regardless of which model
or type you have.

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Unirope LTD. is an ISO 9001 and LEEA-Lifting Equipment Engineers Association certified company, specializing in the manufacturing, distribution, testing, certification and inspection of Lifting- and Rigging Products. Unirope is servicing the industry since 1956.

In Germany we manufacture High Performance PYTHON® Wire Rope which we stock in a wide variety of constructions for Tower Cranes, Mobile and Truck Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes in Construction, Automotive and the Steel Industry. We also stock a large variety of standard and custom designed ropes meeting national and international standards.

The SLINGMAX® product line includes TWIN PATH® Slings made from high strength K-SPEC® fibres, super flexible GATOR FLEX® and TRI-FLEX® wire rope slings, and much more. We also provide a complete range of wire rope fittings, rigging hardware, magnets, clamps, hoists, synthetic ropes, and all types of lifting slings. Find Out More ›